Timothy and the Things

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Timothy, the creator / artistic director / polymath / hero / greatest master / spiritual leader of the ‘Timothy and the Things’ Company was born in 4367 BC, somewhere in South Africa. He died while trying to fly but falling off a high rock in 4323 BC. He was reborn several times after then, last time – as we know – in the ’80’s, but he disappeared again in 2010, soon after that we met him and he gave us his vast and secret knowledge and created this company. Since then, we – his followers – have never seen or met him again, but because we can still feel his strong spiritual and mental presence in the world, we believe that he might still be alive somewhere. It was an honor to know him, but we haven’t lost all the hope yet – we’re not going to give up on searching and finding him again.

* * * * *

I am László Fülöp, the first follower and best buddy of Tim, co-founder of this unofficial company (based in Budapest, Hungary) – By the way, I’m also a young contemporary dance choreographer and performer, member of the L1 Association of Independent Artists in Hungary. I graduated at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2010. Since then, I’ve worked and collaborated with many different artists and dance companies in Hungary and abroad as a freelancer, and in the meantime, I’ve created several shows as an independent choreographer as well. In 2016 I’ve got Viktor Fülöp Scholarship as an emerging young choreographer.

The core topic of my interest revolves around exploring and analysing, from every conceivable angle, issues relating to all forms of human social behaviour and communication, completely without generalizations or prejudices, in a simple, pure and personal way. I find extremely important to let people see and understand those inner processes which influence and guide their acts and decisions on an unconscious level. The relationship between psychology and dance has always been particularly interesting to me.

You can find some more thoughts on our works –> here <-- .

    Our creative works in chronological order:
  • whatsupwithyou?!nothing?! (2010) // a piece on how to share collectively solitude
  • emese&emil (2011) // in connection to Eric Berne’s transaction analysis and game theory
  • what does ‘iloveyou’ mean? (2011) // co-creation with Anna Biczók, made for Research into the Unknown Festival
  • there’s an elephant in every room… (2014) // received Rudolf Lábán Prize in 2015 // to what degree we can objectively talk about self-determination and free will?
  • Hysterology (2014) // a theater play about hysteria in collaboration with the German bigNotWendigkeit Company and Anna Biczók
  • you can never know before it’s over… (2014-15) // an installation on the topic of identity, co-created with Georgia Voudouri, as part of Identity.Move! European artistic research program
  • your mother at my door (2015) // dance piece, co-creation with Emese Cuhorka, got nominated for Rudolf Laban Prize in 2016, got into Aerowaves Twenty17’s selection
  • PLAN B (2016) // theater play on power games, co-creation with Halka Třešňáková, coproduced by MOTUS / Alfred ve Dvore Theater
  • Waiting for Schrödinger (2016) // dance creation for 6 dancers, coproduced by SÍN Production and Trafó House of Contemorary Arts with the support of STAFÉTA program, got nominated for Lábán Rudolf Award in 2017, got into dunaPart 4 – the Hungarian Performing Arts Platform selection
  • Hunting (2018) // our newest dance creation with 3 male dancers/performers on the topic of masculinity, coproduced by SÍN Production and Trafó, supported by DNA
Contact: László Fülöp

What’s next? // See you there!

  • 17th/May/2018 – Waiting for Schrödinger in Trafó House, Budapest
  • 25th/May/2018 – Waiting for Schrödinger in Leipzig (Germany)
  • 5th/June/2018 – Waiting for Schrödinger at Tanec Praha Festival in Ponec Theater
  • 7th/June/2018 – Your mother at my door in Pilsen (Czech Republic)
  • 17th/June/2018 – Waiting for Schrödinger in Gdansk (Poland)