Timothy and the Things

A piece about two simple persons: Emese and Emil. Emese says she is ageless and sexless, and according to her she consists of image and sound effects able to disturb anybody’s peace of mind. She has arrived to us from another planet in order to study life on Earth. Only now, only here, exclusively for you! If it’s done, she’s heading home. She’s really sorry though that she’s only in transit… Emil, when 12 years old, he learnt in biology class that the smallest organisations are the most resistants against outer impacts. In this very moment he stopped growing. His cells simply decided not to proliferate any more. That’s it. Because… why would they? For what? Since then Emil developed his resistivity to a professional point. He is a real survivor. Superman. He survives even himself, he survives life. And what happens when these two persons meet? That’s what we are searching the answers for.

  • Performers: Emese Cuhorka, Emil Bordás
  • Choreographer: László Fülöp
  • Partner in research: Luca Hajnóczy
  • Music: Zoltán Mizsei
  • Lights: Orsolya Pete

This piece was made within the framework of the “Research into the Unknown” Program. Special thanks for all supporters: Workshop Foundation Budapest, New Performing Arts Foundation, L1 Association, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, MU Theater, SÍN Cultural Center

 “…the circular space calls for a performance that is personal, almost confession-like; this space implies that what’s to be shown here about humankind will be acutely essential and terrifyingly irrelevant at the same time… We see a man and a woman, who look like 21st century versions of Estragon and Vladimir, talking about closedness and about how they’re trying to find tasks so they could fulfil their appointed roles. Theatre in theatre. It is an absurd situation to start with – one that will nonetheless conclude in a duet. The body itself is a message, a message about mutuality… The excellence of the show consists in its ability to shift the viewer’s attention from what’s artistic and abstract to a mere observation of these childlike bodies – but also in the sometimes dry, other times very lighthearted humour that makes us feel like we, the spectators are to be yanked into childhood as well…” Ghosts, aliens (Kísértetek, földönkívüliek), Zsuzsanna Komjáthy, Ellenfény Online

Now you can watch the full show here. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and if you have any questions or comments just contact us!

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Previous performances:

  • 14th of December, 2010 – Workshop Foundation: Research into the Unknown Program, MU Theater
  • 9-10th of September, 2011 – premier in SÍN Cultural Center
  • 7-8th of December, 2012 – showing at Bethlen Téri Theater, Budapest
  • 20th of January 2013. – Bora-Bora Theater, Aarhus
  • 16th of March 2013. – showing at SÍN Cultural Center
  • 10th of December, 2014. – in MU Theater, Budapest
  • 7th of March, 2015. – on dunaPart 3 – Hungarian Showcase of Contemporary Performing Arts / in Jurányi Incubator House
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