Timothy and the Things

Premier: on the 28-29th of March, 2018 in Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts.

Three boys go hunting in the forest. Just like in a tale. But what is it that they hunt for if there are only the three of them in the sterile space? For each other? Or for themselves? And by the way, where is the forest where there is neither grass nor trees to be seen? And after all does it make a difference who holds the gun and who the prey is? Perhaps all that matter is that three boys have gone hunting. As if we go any further, we’ll just end up in the same place. It’s easy to get lost in the forest.

  • Performers: András Déri, Patrik Kelemen, Kristóf Várnagy
  • Sound: Vince Varga
  • Light: Orsolya Pete
  • Costume design: Emese Kasza / MeiKawa
  • Choreographer: László Fülöp
  • Production partners: SÍN Culture Center, Trafó
  • Supporters: Thelien Kft., NKA, [DNA] DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS

Short reviews in English are available —> HERE <--- and —> HERE <---

TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya02-e1526139544357.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya03-e1526139425711.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya10-e1526139509161.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya12-e1526139375459.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya17-e1526139354500.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya20-e1526139333967.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya21-e1526139311613.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya25-e1526139292127.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya36-1-e1526139171651.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya39-e1526139265610.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya40-e1526139243380.jpg TimothyVadaszat_VenerOrsolya42-e1526139221233.jpg