Timothy and the Things

New production, dance trio – premier on the 28-29th of March, 2018 in Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts. More information is coming soon.

There are three boys who have gone to the forest to hunt. Just like in a tale. But what are they hunting for if only three of them are present in a sterile space? For each others? For themselves? At all, what kind of forest could we talk about at a place where not only trees but even grass does not grow? Who holds weapon and who will be a booty at the end? At this point, perhaps, the only certain thing is that three boys went hunting. Because if we go any further, we might easily find ourselves on the same spot again. Getting lost in the woods isn’t so difficult.

  • Performers: András Déri, Patrik Kelemen, Kristóf Várnagy
  • Sound: Vince Varga
  • Light: Orsolya Pete
  • Costume design: Emese Kasza / MeiKawa
  • Choreographer: László Fülöp
  • Production partners: SÍN Culture Center, Trafó, [DNA] DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS

forest02.jpg forest03.jpg erdő.jpg