Timothy and the Things

Skeletons in the closet, elephants in all the rooms, not even talking about that damn beam in my own eye, and also that owl tells the sparrow that her head is too big… and so, we just brake those pitchers one after another, while the lame dog overtake from the left, and that’s for sure that one swallow is not enough for anything… and you can buy a rose without a thorn, but that is also included in the price… what would be our goal? To find the disappeared gray donkey (in this case the elephant) in this thick fog and nab it among two twinkling, scowling, swallowing, sighing or pouting. Just because in this case all the things could finally get where they belong… maybe…

  • Performers: Anna Biczók, Emese Cuhorka, László Fülöp
  • Choreographer: László Fülöp
  • Research partner: Luca Hajnóczy (psychologist)
  • Music: Zoltán Mizsei
  • Lights: Orsolya Pete
  • Co-producer: SÍN Culture Center

Supporters: L1 Association, Open Latitudes (3), OFF Foundation, Tanec Praha o.s., Papírna Kulturní Centrum, Bora Bora – Dans og visuelt teater, Schloss Bröllin e.V., Developement of New Art (DNA), Ministry of Human Resources – Hungary. With the support of the Culture Program of the European Union.

 “The spirit is harshly fresh, the choreography is diversely witty intelligently bedding for humour and irony: László Fülöp is wonderfully juggling with the symbiosis of thought and movement. Fülöp speaks an abstract language but his communication is crystal clear. About the behemoth who occasionally lurks into our relationships sucking out the healthy air around us, about the thousand shades of misunderstanding and being misunderstood, about the successes and failures of communication, the gestures of acceptance and rejection…” Csaba Králl / critic /

Now you can watch the full show here. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and if you have any questions or comments just contact us!

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Previous performances:

  • 5th of August, 2012 – work-in-progress presentation  in Papírna Kulturni Centrum & Ponec Theater, Prague
  • 2nd of February, 2013 – work-in-progress presentation in Bora-Bora Theater, Aarhus
  • 18th of April, 2013 – work-in-progress presentation in Schloss Bröllin
  • 20th of September, 2013 – showing (shorter version) on L1 Dance Festival, MU Theater, Budapest
  • 15th of January, 2014 – premier at SÍN Culture Center, Budapest
  • 22th of March, 2014 – opening event of the SVUNG series of dance performances at Jurányi Art Incubator House
  • 29th of April, 2014 – showing at the Contemporary Dance Festival in Petőfi Theater in Veszprém
  • 20th of December, 2014 – I. Hungarian Contemporary Dance Festival in Berlin, in DOCK 11 & EDEN
  • 7th of January, 2015. – NEXTFESZT / in Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest
  • 22th of July, 2015. – on the 25th Thealter Festival in Szeged
  • 11-12-13th of December, 2015. – in Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest
  • 6th of November, 2016. – at “RE//Dance” Regional Choreography Biennale in Bucharest
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