Timothy and the Things
  • Co-creators and performers: Emese Cuhorka, László Fülöp
  • Music: Antonin Dvorak IX. “New World” Symphony, and Zoltán Mizsei
  • Lights: Orsolya Pete
  • Costumes: Emese Kasza / Mei Kawa
  • Co-producer: SÍN Culture Center

‘What could be so important that stops you from calling us back for three days? What’s the thing that can’t wait five minutes? You can’t disappear like this! Nobody can vanish like this.’

(snowflake categorizing, fidgeting at dinner, psychology of the laundry, the stupid one is not me, put off today’s duties for tomorrow, I’m getting older, ponder on the pencil’s blunting, you should have said that yesterday, the other one’s snuffling, absored in someone else, what do they think of me, why can’t you just understand it)

Our goal was to figure out where the seemingly wasted time goes to? If there were anything like uselessly spent time. How, why, and to where things – time, feelings, or sometimes even you and other people – disappear? What is exactly the nature of this magic – or the magic of this nature? We tried to unfold this mystical and complex phenomenon on a personal, honest and amusing way.

Now you can watch the full-length recording of the show here. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and if you have any questions or comments, just contact us!

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And two other teasers –>here<– and –>here<–

    Previous performances:

  • 4-5th/December/2015. – in MU Theater, Budapest.
  • 2nd/March/2016. – in MU Theater, Budapest.
  • 20th/OCTOBER/2016 – at Alfred ve Dvore Theater in Prague
  • 4th/December/2016 – in MU Theater, Budapest
  • 10th/December/2016 – on the 3th Hungarian Contemporary Dance Festival in Berlin at DOCK11
  • 2nd/February/2017 – at Moving Futures Festival in Amsterdam
  • 5th/March/2017 – at LIKE Festival in Bucharest
  • 17th/March/2017 – at Spanski Borci in Ljubljana
  • 1st/April/2017 – at NDK in Sofia
  • 30th/April/2017 – at Spring Forward Festival, AerowavesTwenty17 in Aarhus
  • 14th/May/2017 – at Alterra, in Szeged
  • 20th/July/2017 – in Svetvinčenat, Croatia
  • 3rd/September/2017 – at TROIS C+L in Luxemburg
  • 15-16th/September/2017 – at DanseHus Oslo
  • 21st/October/2017 – at A4 – priestor súčasnej kultúry in Bratislava
  • 28th/October/2017 – at Kalászi Kortárs Tánctalálkozó, in Budakalász
  • 30th/October/2017 – at MU Theater, Budapest
  • 2nd/November/2017 – at RomaEurope Festival in Rome
  • 17th/November/2017 – YOUR MOTHER AT MY DOOR at the 21st International Dance Theatre Festival in Lublin, Poland + extra workshops on the 18-19th of November
  • 11th/March/2018 – YOUR MOTHER AT MY DOOR at MU Theater, Budapest
  • 20th/April/2018 – YOUR MOTHER AT MY DOOR at Skirball Theater in New York (USA)
  • 25th/April/2018 – YOUR MOTHER AT MY DOOR at CAC in New Orleans (USA)
  • 7th/June/2018 – at Tanec Praha Festival, at Movin Stations in Pilsen (Czech Republic)
  • 10th/August/2018 – at Vides Deja Festival in Latvia
  • 6th/October/2018 – at Open House Festival in Limassol, Cyprus
  • 25th/July/2019 – at TanzFactur in Cologne, Germany

Supporters: International Visegrad Fund, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Open Latitudes Network (3), L1 Association, Workshop Foundation Budapest, MU Theater

Reviews about the show are available: in Hungarian –>here<–, and some short ones in English –>here<–

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